1. Lewis.

    Towards Harris.


  2. Sunday. Isle of Lewis.

    God still has the upper hand all Sunday on Lewis.


  3. Lyness. Hoy.

    The stretch of water is Scapa flow, where in WW1 the British anchored the Grand fleet, and later it was used again as a safe natural harbour in WW2.


  4. Marsden first thing.



  5. Milnsbridge. West Yorkshire.

    The incredibly robust viaduct in Milnsbridge that acts as a sort of gateway to the village and the Colne valley.


  6. Out the front. Raistrick Greave.

    In the Pennine reservoir building times between 1850 and 1950 an awful lot of farmers were evicted from land that might have been in their family for generations.


  7. Dog and girl.

    I made this image in my pre-digital days, and it’s a result of enlarging a negative onto ortho film at an angle then contact printing that piece of film to get a negative again.


  8. Colden clough.

    I can’t resist photographing autumn!


  9. Trees. Scotland.

    Not a clue where, or when. I just know it was taken on one of my home made roll film cameras. The one with the 47mm super angulon lens


  12. Starry night.

    I’m thinking of doing less of the sort of photography that describes the world, and more of this sort of stuff again.


  13. Standedge. Border of Yorkshire and Lancashire.

    Round about October time when the grass goes from green to gold I always think the Pennine hills take on a Spaghetti western look - apart from the blackened dry stone walls. 

  14. Cliffe castle. Keighley. West Yorkshire.

    Doing some work there recently. Sumptuous Victoriana.


  15. Spa mill. Slaithwaite.

    3 stitched to panorama images. The trees are filling in the gaps round these parts, and before long fine views like this will be just trees.