1. Raistrick Greave.

    Classic South Pennine ruin in a wild moorland location.


  2. richard-littlewood:

    Death of a shed.

    By no means natural causes. This poor shed fell victim to repeated vandal attack, and I really feel sympathy for its owner, who clearly tried to keep intruders out, while sadly facing far superior forces

    Update 17 July 2014.

    Sadly very little to report, but I’m optimistic that come Autumn there will be big changes.

    Update 13 September 2014.

    All remaining debris cleared, awaiting developments.


  3. Scammonden dam overflow.

    Opened by the Queen in 1970, the embankment carries the M62 motorway.

    Usually the under side of the overflow is under water, and it’s big - this is 3 stitched images from a 17mm lens.


  4. The Big Four bridge. Louisville.

    A former railway bridge spanning the Ohio river, linking Louisville. Kentucky, to Jeffersonville. Indiana. USA.


  5. Holder stones, Red dykes and Stoodley pike.

    The monument in the distance - Stoodley pike (1856) was a replacement for the original 1815 monument that fell down. The first was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon after the battle of Waterloo.


  6. New Nook. Windy hills.

    A great little ruin tucked under the banking of the M62 as it climbs up from Lancashire into Yorkshire.


  7. Holme turning circle.

    This is just beyond Holme village, heading towards Holme moss. A legendary hill that a double decker bus would really struggle up.


  8. Bridge street. Slaithwaite.

    Living in the shadow of the mill


  9. Blue foot bridge.

    Over the Huddersfield to Manchester line at Golcar, up the Colne valley, West Yorkshire.


  10. Elegance and Infinity.

    A few images that I left out of the series about local hair salons, from mobile stylists to the more established town centre salons.


  11. A Surrey barn.

    I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on here with the far from ideal circumstances for viewing fine art.

    Taken on a recently commissioned tour of southern England recording agricultural buildings old and new.


  13. Ironing.

    Lying in bed sipping coffee and staring at this scene I couldn’t resist getting up to photograph it in the early morning light.


  14. South Uist.

    A fine piece of machinery that looks like it’s ending it’s days round the back of a small industrial unit on the island of South Uist.


  15. Down south.

    Just been off for a couple of weeks photographing architectural installations in the rural south of England. Here’s a few I took wandering around between jobs.